Sub Trades and Suppliers Application Form

Application Form To Be An Approved Bidder

Maison Design+Build invites you to submit an application to be on the approved vendor list. Once on this list, you will be invited to bid on all projects that are relevant to your company.

Maison Design+Build is committed to fair trade practices and building partnerships with its suppliers and trades.

We are committed to the following:

‣ Fair and competitive quotation and bidding practice with transparent documents and specifications
‣ "Apples to apples” comparison when comparing prices between multiple vendors
‣ Notice of award and contract via Purchase Order
‣ Change orders issued though BuilderTrend to keep things organized
‣ An organized and clean job site to work on

The award of the bids will be based on the following criteria:

Scope - All the work that is in the drawings has been included in the tender

Timelines - The required business days for each phase of work

Quality - Q/A program and how you will ensure that the final product matches the design, punch-list process for checking your own work, site readiness and having most current design drawings, pre-job meetings

Cleanliness - Cleaning, recycling and site management plan

Business Operations - Payment terms and organization, WCB, Liability Insurance etc.

Price - The most competitive price

Please fill out the following requirements for your application to become an approved bidder for Maison Design+Build


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